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Misconceptions People Have Regarding Double Glazed Sash Windows

Most people feel that they know something about double glazed windows and perhaps double glazed sash windows.  However, owners of timber sash windows are often reluctant to consider to changing to double glazed sash windows due to some misconceptions they may have. We will talk about some of these misconceptions in this article.

1. Double glazed sash windows will be too expensive to purchase.

While a good quality double glazed sash window will not be the cheapest home improvement item you will ever purchase, if you want to improve the insulation and thermal capacity of your home you should consider changing your timber, single glazed sash windows.  In the long term, the savings you will make to your home heating bills will more than offset the initial outlay that you will incur in the purchase price.  Add to this the increased comfort you will get from a warmer home and you can see that it makes sense to have properly insulated windows in your home.

2. My old windows are every bit as secure as any new windows I may purchase.

If you compare any product that requires security you will see that the modern type has much more security built in than the older type.  This is due to the society we now live in.  Modern double glazed sash windows will have extra security features built into the framework, such as a multi-point locked system and the ability to individually lock each window if you desire.  On top of this double-glazing itself provides extra security as it is much more difficult to break than single glazing.

3. Windows themselves do not affect the sound-proofing of a home.

If you live in an isolated rural area with little outside noise, you may well have this opinion.  However, many homeowners that live close to sources of noise pollution such as motorways or airports, get excellent relief from the noise pollution being created by having double glazed sash windows installed.  Studies have shown the noise level differences between before and after installation sound tests to be dramatic.

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