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Building A Simple Grow Room All By Yourself

Have you ever wanted to have an indoor garden but did not go through with it because you did not have a proper grow area to do it in? Well if this was the reason that you faltered from starting an indoor garden in the past then you are in luck because today we are going to be talking about how to build a simple and cheap way to build an indoor garden enclosure.

  1. The first thing that you are going to need to do is to gather the correct materials. All of the following are essential for the success of this particular enclosure: grow lights preferably LED grow lights that do not put off a lot of heat and put out a lot of light and a way to attach them to the rack I use zip ties, a wire rack one that can easily be moved if need be preferably one on wheels, any type of canvas or tarp that will completely cover the wire rack, aluminum foil tape, and an electrical cord.
  2. Now that you have gathered all of the materials that you are going to need, begin by using the aluminum tape to cover one side of the tarp or canvas. Once this is done set it to the side and work on attaching the full spectrum LED grow lights to one of the bottoms of the top shelves of the rack making sure that the lights are pointing directly downward toward where the plant canopy will be.
  3. I found that the best way to do this is to make sure that you get one side secured and then focus on centering the light and then attach the other side and tighten. Be sure that the power cord is easily accessible to be able to plug into the extension cord. Once this is done put your plants on the shelf directly below the grow lights, plug in the grow lights and cover the rack with the tarp aluminum tape side facing inside toward the plants.

Now, all that you have to do is come back and check on your plants every couple of days and water them. If you are unable to turn off the lights every day around the same time then I would suggest getting a timer that can be programmed for twelve-hour intervals. This will both give your plants and grow lights a much-needed break.

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