How To Do Juicing For Yourself That Promotes Weight Loss

What is a healthy food diet all about? The answer is this. A healthy food diet does include having between 6 and 8 servings of vegetables and fruits each day. How many of us can handle this daily? I, myself, do have trouble just getting between 3 and 4 of them every day. However, if a person does juicing, he or she can consume several servings of vegetables and fruits in one single glass of vegetable juice that is well prepared.

Just what does juicing accomplish for you?

Juicing permits a person to easily absorb lots of nutrients from the veggies. What our digestive systems are sadly comprised of, is one thing, and that is many years of us making poor diet choices for ourselves overall.

What is great about juicing is one thing. You are able to consume far more vegetables than you would ever eat in one meal sitting at the kitchen table. You will get a wide variety of vegetables that you wouldn’t normally get with trying to eat them the regular way. If a little bit of ginger or green pepper is added to prepared juices, they do end up tasting a whole lot better in a description, and won’t turn out to be nasty tasting in flavor at all. It will actually be refreshing and enjoyable to drink.


The excessive consumption of both sugar and fructose are two of the major contributing factors for obesity. The obesity problem is endemic in the United States and only getting much worse with time. The Baylor College of Medicine did learn one thing. What is this one thing? They learned that people who were on a diet and did consume two glasses of vegetable juice lost more weight than those who were non-juice drinking dieters.

The author of “The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet,” whose name is Cheryl Calbom, did find that a diet that was low glycemic combined along with vegetable juicing was able to very effective with those who were insulin resistant, did have metabolic syndrome, and that had diabetes. She also did highly recommend the consumption of coconut in one’s diet who did have a lot of yeast in their bodies from diets that had high fructose in them.

Coconut is also something which can greatly benefit vegetarians, as well as, those vegans who can sometimes have dangerously low cholesterol levels. The addition of raw fatty foods that do include cream, butter, eggs, avocado, flax that is freshly ground, and hemp seeds do benefit the protein metabolic types.

Any existing cravings that you do tend to have should become silenced. They should start to subside when you begin to nourish your body in a proper way that works. When you or your body craves carbs, it is a sign of one thing, and that thing is no other than candidiasis. The second, your body begins to get rid of the existing yeast in it, it will start to make all cravings go away. You should choose to have a glass of vegetable juice and avoid anything sweet or a cup of coffee.


If you do decide to start juicing up for good health and weight loss, you will need to find yourself a good and reliable juicer, and the best way to do this is by avoiding the purchase of any high-speed blender types such as the Vitamix is. What is bad about high-speed blenders for vegetable juice is this. They tend to overheat the vegetables and this can break down any existing nutrients that are in the juice itself.

How to do juicing for yourself is something simple enough. However, you do have to be determined to, want to do it for yourself and your health overall. Simple as that. Good juicing leads to not only weight loss, but better health, and in the scheme of things that makes for good all around.

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